Dreams Come True Entertainment offers both in-person and digital events and activities for kids like story times, sing-alongs, pixie dust parades, fairy tale parties, and more! Their event space–the Enchanted Fairytale Hollow–is located at 214 Traders Alley, and they have lots of fun activities happening. Click here to check out their event calendar!

How long has your business been open? Did you own/manage other businesses before this one?

Dreams Come True Entertainment started in 2011 as a dream and idea and we had our first event in 2011. We are still continuing to make magic to this day. Enchanted Fairytale Hollow is our event venue, and it opened in November 2019.

If your business is relatively new (5 years or less), what inspired you to open your business? Is there something about your personal background or history that made you uniquely suited to open your business?

I started Dreams Come True Entertainment because I have always loved acting and performing and put on shows for my family since a very young age. I love bringing characters to life and creating unforgettable magical memories for everyone. Enchanted Fairytale Hollow was born because I have always wanted my own space to create fun and unique events for the community.

Why did you decide to open your business in Downtown Lakeland? Do you have a special connection to the area? To Lakeland in general?

I have lived in Lakeland my entire life and love being able to create magic in my hometown. I chose Downtown because it is centrally located.

What’s your favorite item, product, or service that you offer, and why?

Prior to the pandemic, I loved our birthday party experiences where a fairytale character makes a birthday party unforgettable with themed activities and fun. Now with the pandemic, my favorite service we are offering is the Pixie Dust Parade, which is a creative and unique way to spread smiles and magic throughout the kingdom. This service features a character to walk down your street with a personalized sign who will stop and do a mini meet and greet with your family and give everyone a small letter of encouragement to keep. I love this service because it brings happiness to everyone who sees us and brightens their day in these uncertain times.

When you think about your business, what makes you feel the most proud? What challenges or difficulties have you had to overcome in your personal life or in your business to get to where you are today?

I think I am the most proud that my business is still going because I won’t give up and always find a way to adapt. We are always growing, and I am proud I have been able to make this my full time job because I am good at what I do and I love it. It brings happiness to others, and that is all that really matters.

What changes did you make to your business during the pandemic?

We now offer a full range of digital services including video calls with characters, personalized video messages, a pen pal service, digital subscription service and our popular Pixie Dust Parades. We also post 1 Free Storytime (Tuesdays) and 1 Free Sing Along (Fridays) per week on our Facebook page.

What is the most important thing for the community to know about your business right now? What’s the best way they can support you?

The most important thing for everyone to know is we are still here and want to spread magic and smiles to everyone because the world needs it now more than ever. You can support us by purchasing our digital or remote services for your family or gifting them to someone else. Or you can support us for free by tuning in to our Storytimes and Sing Alongs and tagging friends, sharing our posts and liking the content we provide. We appreciate everyone’s support and everything helps! Spread the magic and the word!

Website: https://www.dreamscometrueentertainment.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DreamsComeTrueEntertainment/